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Recent Projects 

100Nm3/hr Gas Flare 
Walpole Landfill Site 
2,000Nm3/hr Power Generation LFG Gas plant. 
Bentwaters AD Plant 
300Nm3/hr AD Gas Booster Package 
with delivery pressure control. 
Scotland Landfill Site 
100Nm3/hr Gas Flare 
Cumbernauld AD Plant 
1,000Nm3/hr AD Gas plant with pre and 
post chiller booster packages. 
Lyme and Woods Landfill Site 
Vent Air Burner (Thermal Oxidiser  
for Oderous Off-gasses) 
South Ockendon Landfill Site 
6,000Nm3/hr Power Generation 
Gas Plant and Control Room Upgrade. 
Dargan Road Landfill Site 
4,000Nm3/hr Power Generation LFG 
Gas plant with dual flare. 
Beddingham Landfill Site 
3,500Nm3/hr Power Generation 
LFG Gas plant with dual flare. 
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